During the time of the Roman Republic and later the Roman Empire, a Roman citizen could travel anywhere in the known world without fear of harm. Other nations understood that if a Roman citizen was accosted, murdered, assaulted, abducted or should  some unfortunate accident befall them like being struck by a bolt of lightning, the Roman military would unleash hell on earth and nothing would be left standing.  “Roman Greatness” was more than a slogan or concept, it was a reality.  But in the end the Romans came to a crossroad and ended up squandered that greatness, eventually vanishing from the face of the Earth.

The United States is at that same crossroad.  As a nation, we are in a position to command an even greater level of respect and fear amongst our enemies than the Romans ever could. But we don’t.  And the reason is, we are too busy trying to be “politically correct” and viewed as the “nice guy” on the world stage.  We are too consumed with our own vanity and too busy making sure men can use women’s restrooms and making our children think they should be ashamed for ever having been born if allowed to be born in the first place.  We are too preoccupied with apologizing to the world for who we are and too enthralled with giving away our wealth to our enemies in an attempt to get them to like us or forgive us for being Americans.  We are too blinded by our own avarice and personal depravity to give a damn.

We the people as a whole need to realize that we are in a war for the heart, soul, traditions and freedoms of this nation.

This war is a holy war and it’s not only being fought abroad, but also from within.  Everything that was offered to us by Almighty God and secured with the blood of our Patriots is not only being recklessly squandered but freely given away.  And our enemies abroad along with those here at home know this to be true. Enemies abroad can fly planes into buildings or release deadly viruses and kill thousands of Americans and know that we will spend the next 20 years sacrificing countless lives and spend trillions of dollars to accomplish absolutely nothing.  In the end we will hand everything back to them on a silver platter and thank them for the opportunity to do so.  It’s shameful and disgraceful.  Meanwhile, home-grown enemies can loot and burn down cities, kill our police with impunity, burn our flag and corrupt the minds of our children all in the name of their godless religion of Marxism disguised as “Social Justice”, “Fairness” and “Tolerance”. What’s more, our enemies at home and abroad are lifted up and revered as religious equalizers and socioeconomic heroes.

We the American People can’t travel anywhere in the world without some level of fear or apprehension nor do we feel secure at home.  If we show any pride in our national heritage or achievements as a nation or dare speak out against those who openly oppose our founding principles, we run the great risk of being attacked not just verbally, but also economically and sometimes physically.  Depending on the color of our skin, many of us can’t even embark on that uniquely American journey of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness without fear of retribution, ridicule or being labeled and impugned as in some way “privileged”.

It’s well past time for those of us who truly love America to take America back.

We need to not only realize and accept the true nature of the war we find ourselves in but also to remember that we as a nation have a weapon far greater than the Roman legions of antiquity and that’s our Spirit as Americans.  It is the Spirit of the American people who make this nation great and our God Given Inalienable Rights that gives the American people the power to exercise that greatness.  It is the Spirit of the American people through blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice and by the Grace of God that makes our nation the greatest the world has ever known and ever will be. And it is the Spirit of the American people who make our military the greatest and strongest in history. We should NEVER be ashamed of who we are and what we as a nation have built.  We should also NEVER fight a war without identifying and defining the enemy and having the will and resolve to defeat and eliminate that enemy whether here at home or abroad.

It is well past time for We the People of America to start acting and thinking like Americans again.

We can agree where we can, disagree where we must and build upon what we have without destroying the foundation upon which this nation was built.  The vast majority of Americans would never subscribe to this abandonment of greatness or national identity if we were not so preoccupied and distracted with meaningless garbage or lulled into thinking that our best days are behind us or that we never were great to begin with.  And we as a nation should never again allow our enemies, foreign or domestic, to decide our path lest we resign ourselves to share the same fate as the Romans and disappear from all existence but for the memory of greatness or the memory of the Shining City on a hill that once was.

By Mike Detmer