Restoring Election Integrity

In order to restore the eroded confidence in our Federal elections there must be some drastic changes.  These changes will need to come in the form of a new Voting Rights Act which will incorporate many much needed elements without violating the US Constitution.
  • National Voter Identification for all verified legal citizens of the United States who are legally eligible to vote.
  • Full Ban on ballot harvesting.
  • Mandatory observation of polling places and vote counting by at least 2 members of every political party, and/or campaign represented.
  • Full ban on “any-reason” mail-in voting.
  • Absentee ballots to be counted and recorded immediately upon receipt.  Results to be kept secret and confidential until day of election.
  • Ballot counting shall be conducted at each voting precinct and validated prior to submission to the county clerk’s office.  Each county clerk’s office must verify the count with each voting precinct prior to sending the count to the respective State Elections offices.  Each state Elections Office must verify the count from each county.  Each state must have a full, transparent chain of custody plan in place which requires at least 2 individuals at all times to have possession of the vote count and must maintain chain of custody of vote count.
  • All paper ballots and/or machine counts must retain all data for a period of no less than 4 years for each election cycle.
  • Ballot counting must begin when polls close and shall not stop until all legal ballots are counted.
  • Each state shall conduct full audits of all voting systems to be used and findings must be made public and each state shall verify that voting machines cannot be connected to the internet in any way nor can be breached through SD cards or any other digital card.
  • Certification of all Federal election results must be completed by the Federal Government and any discrepancies or irregularities must be immediately audited by the Federal Government in any state where discrepancies or irregularities are found prior to final certification.
  • The United States Congress has jurisdiction over all Federal elections and in addition to the above stated requirements for states to be eligible for Federal funding, all states must comply fully with the above listed requirements.