America First with Michigan as Priority #1

Michigan can become an absolute POWERHOUSE again!  As the country continues to experience record unemployment across all sectors and make tremendous gains, we need to make sure that there are avenues and safeguards put in place that protect those gains and allow the free-market to bolster where we are now.  We must also insure that the Federal government does the necessary things to help protect American jobs, open up new markets abroad, simplify the tax code for both businesses and individuals and make sure states like Michigan follow suit.

Amend the “Buy American Act of 1933” to reflect and codify Executive Orders 13881, 13858 and 13788 – “Buy American / Hire American”.

Work to open and expand new foreign markets for Michigan manufacturing and agricultural exports.

Simplify the Federal Corporate and Personal tax codes.

Incentivize the State of Michigan through Federal grants to slash job killing state regulations and cut individual and corporate income taxes.

Ensure that Congress works to cut wasteful spending and search for ways to continue to cut taxes on individuals and businesses.  Any proposal to raise or add new taxes will be dead on arrival on my desk!